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Life Insurance

Life insurance is a financial product that allows the policyholder to leave money for their beneficiaries when death occurs. The amount paid can support them, replace lost income, or pay for huge debts like mortgages. Life insurance requires the policyholder to pay monthly premiums. A person's age, lifestyle, health, and the amount of cover they need determine premium payments. If you reside in Nevada, you should consider purchasing a life insurance policy from Valley West Insurance.

Whole-Of-Life Policies

As the policy name suggests, these are ongoing policies that pay the policyholder’s beneficiaries when death occurs, regardless of the time. Since death is inevitable, whole-of-life policies are more costly than term insurance policies, since term insurance pays if a person dies within a specific period.

Term Insurance

The standard life insurance type is referred to as term life insurance. Term life insurance allows a person to select the amount they want to be insured for and the timeframe to be covered. If death occurs within this period, the beneficiaries receive payment. However, if death doesn't occur within the specified period, the policy doesn't pay, and the premiums are not returned to the policyholder. There are three types of term insurance as discussed below:

As a Nevada resident, you should consider enrolling in a life insurance program. Life insurance ensures that your family remains in a good financial position if death occurs. Reach out to us, Valley West Insurance, for suitable life insurance packages.

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